Prior days:
It’s been a long while since I met a person like you.

Day 6:
I am finding troubles at believing you are real and everything is happening is real.

Day 13:
It’s becoming louder and louder a voice within me acknowledging how amazing all of your things are.

Day 20:
I’m surprised I was not aware of how many reasons and things were pointing this out.

Day 28:
I ask myself where were you this whole time.

Day 34:
I’ve noticed everything being so natural with you is the reason why I haven’t noticed until now.

Day 44:
I keep wondering to whom, or what, do I have to ask permission to allow myself to experience all of it anew.

Day 61:
The more time passes the more that urge for answers fades away.

Day 63:
I’m starting to realize how cherised were the memories I held for your past self from back then.

Day 79:
I’m starting to notice your essence in all the strings that hold the world together.

Day 80:
I am beginning to see tomorrow in a different colour.

Day 99:
I can hear the heartbeat. It is starting again.

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