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I remember Barcelona: a playlist of four years of my life

It is no news that I lived in Barcelona and that time proved life-changing in all the aspects from personal to professional. This blog itself was mostly abandoned during that time save for some personal notes here and there and the twist of content is palpable. It is no news either that, as with most people with life-changing experiences, there is music associated to it. As I grew up during those years, so did my knowledge and taste in music. My moving out of that city was somewhat abrupt and, as has been noted to me, it was followed by a thing called pandemic that prevented a full processing and closure of all the memories and experiences during that time. Thus I had been ruminating the idea of making a playlist of those four years of my life for a while. And earlier this week I said, what the hell have I been waiting for?

Thus, ‘I remember Barcelona’ was born.


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